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The Villa and the Garden

A drawing by the artist Ettore Romagnoli dating from1835 attests to the fact that there was a garden annex to the Villa in the eighteenth century but was actually put in place during the middle part of the century when the building was completely modified by the nobleman Alessandro Pucci Sansedoni. The owner constructed a new villa and romantic garden complex in the innovative spirit of the styles pervading Florence at the time.

The Villa and the garden are the heart of the Monaciano estate rising high on the hilltop that dominates the Tuscan Chianti in countryside in the province of Siena.

The park was designed and constructed over a period of many years by the owner in the heart of Tuscany in the Chianti country side at the doorsteps of Siena. Thanks to a recent restoration and conservation initiative, the garden has been returned to its original splendor without additions and intrusive modifications, typical to restoration projects. Behind the garden project, one can still experience the original inspiration and design of the eighteenth century noble owner, who actively participated in the farm’s management possessing botanical, territorial and agricultural knowledge.

The park is divided approximately into two parts: the first part, on the higher end, is dedicated to decorative flowers; the second part, at the lower end, is the heart of the romantic park, with large forested spaces alternating with curved walkways that spontaneously open up onto surprising new views and paths, created to enchant visitors at every turn.

The landscaping of the garden is based on the English style where full green spaces alternate with empty open spaces, forests offset by clearings. The romantic park is made up of evergreen high-standing trees such as Holm oak trees, a large Lebanese Cedar, as well as horse chestnut, oak and palm trees.

Other significant elements of the garden include stone fixtures and sculptures strategically positioned, guiding one’s gaze towards the immense panorama where the historical Villa emerges among the Tuscan hillside completing the scene. The garden was designed as a place of contemplation, relaxation, and place for collection and harvest for the original owners of the villa. Such purposes, both eclectic and domestic, have ensured that spectacular and extraordinary aspects be highlighted. The most noteworthy are: the heated green house, the Lemon house, the Aviary, the Water Lily Pond, Venus’s Grotto, the temple, water fountains and other wonders interspersed with flowering hedges, forests and pathways.


Events in the Villa

Its location in the Chianti countryside, but only 5 km from Siena, makes the Villa a privileged and exclusive place.
Weddings held at the Villa of Monaciano are magical, the renowned and elegant salons can accommodate up to 200 people (in various rooms), the garden surrounding the villa, can accommodate even more
In 2005 there was the first conference held at Monaciano, conducted by the University of Siena’s Department of Law.

The garden was also at the center of events organized by major groups such as F.A.I. (Foundation for the Italian Environment) and Dimore Storiche (Historical Stays). For Heritage Day, as part of the presentation of the book "The contemporary interventions in historic gardens", the open air theater in the garden was inaugurated.